• A passionately Jesus-centered approach to life
  • Biblical holism
  • God’s blessing for all peoples
  • Wisdom, integrity, and boldness in a glocalized world
  • Spiritual formation
  • Innovation and creativity

A passionately Jesus-centered approach to life

Above all, we are followers of Jesus, on a journey with him, following where he leads us. We center our lives on him – not on the religion of Christianity, not on Western civilization, and not on patriotism. Jesus is the great peacemaker. We affirm a Jesus-centered approach to life because this highlights the treasure of the good news. His life, his teaching, his death, and his resurrection all describe and illustrate multi-dimensional reconciliation. 

Biblical holism

The Bible describes life in holistic terms and describes God’s actions in this world as focusing on both personal reconciliation and social transformation. We reject the false dichotomies between “sacred and secular” and between “social action and sharing Christ.” 

God’s blessing for all peoples

From the beginning of time, God has demonstrated his purpose to bless all peoples.This purpose provides the scope of our mandate and the proper attitude for all of our relationships. Part of this blessing involves demonstrating mercy and working for justice. 

Wisdom, integrity, and boldness in a "glocalized" world

Globalization, terrorism, and pluralism have irrevocably altered communication in the 21st century. Our local world now consists of a global community. In this glocalized, interconnected world – every time we seek to explain who we are, what we believe, what we do, and why we do it – our words are likely to reach beyond our primary audience and enter the global marketplace of ideas. We seek to promote our message with wisdom, integrity and  boldness with everyone, everywhere.

Spiritual formation

Spiritual Formation is learning how to discern and respond to God’s loving initiative in us, in others and in the world. We practice spiritual disciplines that we may abide in Christ, live for Christ, be like Christ, and join Christ in peacemaking.

Innovation and creativity

Complex conflicts in today’s world demand creative solutions. The rapidity of change requires constant innovation. As bearers of God’s image, we are made for productivity and creativity. The Bible also reveals a God who is committed to beauty. Therefore, we seek to use our capacities for creativity, productivity, and beauty for the cause of multi-dimensional peacemaking. We call all types of people to work with us in this grand project of reconciliation: productive, efficient left-brained people, along with creative, right-brained poets, musicians, and painters.