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Peacemaking: Why it's a really big deal

In the next number of weeks, I will be writing several blog posts on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and peacemaking topics. In this post, I want to give an overview of the scope and significance of peacemaking in Scripture.

Peacemaking and Sharing the Good News: Odd couple or match made in heaven?

I was talking about Peace Catalyst International (PCI) at a meeting recently, when a woman exclaimed, “But if people don’t come to Christ, everything else is worthless!” Really? Worthless? What is the relationship between peacemaking and sharing the good news?

Ergun Caner, Evangelicals, Muslims and the Media: Bearing False Witness

Liberty University recently demoted Ergun Caner from his role as Dean of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. “Factual statements that are self-contradictory” regarding his past (especially his purported involvement as a terrorist) were the reasons given for the demotion of this famous Muslim convert to Christ. Why did Dr. Caner find such a receptive audience? How should followers of Christ relate to Muslims?