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Church Discipline vs Peacemaking? And the winner is ...

Robust debate takes place in churches, educational institutions and on the web about what the true nature of the church. Seeker sensitive. Missional. Emergent. Apostolic… the list goes on. Historically, however one of the marks of the true church was peacemaking, or what has often been referred to as “church discipline” (see Matthew 18:15-17).

3 Angles on God's View of Love in the Story of the Good Samaritan

Everyone loves the story of the Good Samaritan! But few of us realize how mind-blowing it must have sounded in its original context. To the Jews, the Samaritans were enemies. Racially inferior. Heretics! Sounds a lot like how most followers of Christ feel about Muslims today. If Jesus told this parable to Americans I could imagine him using a Muslim as the one who demonstrated neighbor love.

Love Your Enemy: At the Heart of Christian Theology or Impossible Dream?

If we are serious about following Jesus, we need to love our enemies – even those who are “perceived” enemies (like Muslims). Imagine the powerful and positive impact followers of Christ could have on Muslims if we reached out to them with this kind of Christ-like love.

Ephesians: A Handbook for Peace Warriors

What pops into your mind when you think of the apostle Paul? Words like zealous, apostle to the nations, team leader, or gospel planter usually come to mind. How many people think of Paul as the theologian of peace? Yes, I said theologian of peace! The title, “God of Peace” (or its equivalent) is mentioned 10 times in the Bible. Paul uses this title for God 7 of these times. Paul relates peace to virtually every major doctrine in the Bible.