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Calling all Evangelicals to become friends with Muslims!

As I speak with Evangelicals in the Pacific Northwest, I am amazed at how many “experts” and strong opinions there are on the topic of Islam and Muslims in America. So when I ask the next question – “so, do you have any friends that are Muslims?” – I expect to hear about a long list of people that have helped them form their opinions. Unfortunately, most so-called “experts” do not have any Muslim friends, and upon digging deeper it becomes apparent that most Americans' opinions about Muslims have been formed by media, especially television and internet.

Peacemaking and Justice: Tipping the Scales Toward Loving Relationships

Justice is a crucial component of peacemaking. But the struggle for justice must be placed within the overarching framework of God’s loving, reconciling purposes. In other words, the scales of God’s justice tip in the direction of loving relationships.