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Evangelicals and Interfaith Dialogue

What would it look for Evangelicals to create and host the best multi-faith events in the world? What if Evangelicals became known for valuing people of all faiths, ethnicities, and backgrounds because we are all made in the image of God?

No Christ. No Peace. Know Christ. Know Peace?

Is it true to say that there is no peace outside of Christ? Rick Love asks the question in this post.

Evangelical Peacemakers: Both-And Thinkers ... and Doers!

What do a Jewish Rabbi, a Protestant Pastor and an Evangelical missionary have in common? Not much usually. But in discussions with three such people, I found that they were all “either-or” thinkers. I have no problem with that. But there are also numerous cases in areas of logic, evidence or theology that points toward the need for “both-and” thinking.