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Lessons Learned

"Why don't more Christians live by their book? This is a wonderful and extraordinary teaching, but why do so many Christians not live by it?"

Sharia Conspiracy Theories

Muslims disagree on many details of theology, law and politics - as do Jews and Christians among themselves. But one thing is for sure: the conspiracy theories of Jerry Boykin and Steven Emerson have nothing to do with the view of Sharia law held by the overwhelming majorty of the Muslim American community.

Reflections on the Egyptian Revolution

I was at a Muslim-Christian Dialogue at Eastern Mennonite University when the announcement was made: Egypt has toppled President Hosni Mubarak. Wow! The non-violent revolution was successful. We sat in stunned silence and then rejoiced. After that we went to the mosque together. The Imam who preached in the mosque that day was exuberant about this mind-blowing turn of events. What a joy and privilege to be with my Muslim friends during the momentous change.

Metropolitan Kyril Risks His Life to Save Bulgarian Jews

During the Second World War, not a single Bulgarian Jew died in a concentration camp, largely because of the compassionate bravery of Metropolitan Kyril.

A “Clash of Civilizations”?

I am fascinated by the phenomenon of religion, how it developed over the millennia in various parts of the world; how religiosity has mushroomed globally since the 1980s especially; and how followers of the two largest “religions” – Muslims and Christians – can dig into the treasures of their traditions and invest those resources to build a more peaceful and righteous world. This series of blogs is my attempt to pull out from my academic publications (and lectures) bits and pieces that I think will widen your perspective and inspire you to take part in this movement – whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or purely “secular.”

Walking with Refugees

Why does Peace Catalyst International have a refugee program? Most refugees come from areas of brokenness, turmoil, and a lack of peace. We not only want to help them thrive in America, but we also want to learn from them. They have much to teach us about the sad consequences of violence, and much to teach us about perseverance.

Peacemaking in the Way of Jesus: Imam Ishafa and Pastor James

In 1995, a mutual friend brought Imam Ashafa and Pastor James together and told them that they could end much of the violence if they would just get to know one another. The imam and the pastor decided to give it a shot. Heroically, they forgave one another and began to build bridges of friendship and trust.