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Our Call to Bless Israelis and Palestinians

Seeking a Pro-Israel, Pro-Palestine and Pro-Peace Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis

Orthodoxy, Heresy and Bridge-Building

Pastor Joe was frustrated. "Rick," he said, "I am being accused of becoming liberal because I am seeking to love my Muslim neighbors." "I can relate," I assured him. "I have been accused of heresy and compromising the gospel because I am too positive toward Muslims and Islam." Here's what I told Pastor Joe ..

Islamophobia, Terrorism and Congressman King

A Muslim woman wearing a hijab (scarf) was recently kicked off of a Southwest flight because som...

Sharia Law: Should it be Outlawed?

Sharia itself – as a sign and symbol – remains at the heart of Muslim spirituality. And for that reason, in the best tradition of our American democracy, we should shun witch hunts of all kinds and welcome to the table our fellow Americans who happen to be Muslims, as we did – reluctantly at first – Catholics and Jews in the not-so-distant past.

Igniting a Peace Revolution: Following the One Who Is Full of Grace and Truth

Jesus was full of grace and truth (John 1:14). As his followers, we should walk in the fullness of grace and truth in our relationships with Muslims. Because of this, Peace Catalyst International (PCI) recently wrote up its own version of "Grace and Truth" (see the Peace Catalyst website for background about the Grace and Truth Project). In honor of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, Peace Catalyst International affirms ten biblical guidelines that will enable Jesus’ followers to serve as his representatives in relationship with Muslims of every persuasion:

Wanted: Evangelicals (like David Shenk) who Model the Peaceable Ways of Jesus

When God turned my life toward peacemaking, I had a difficult time finding a mature evangelical leader who was both an authentic peacemaker and a faithful witness to Jesus. Where could I find an older coach or mentor to help me in this transition? I finally found one in David Shenk

Peace Feast: Egypt and Black History Month

What do the recent events in Egypt and Black History month have in common? Other than both being the theme of our last Peace Feast, the main commonality, I believe, is the use of cultural power over political power.