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Tim Keller Calls for Civility and Humility

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5 Ways that Phoenix Is Strengthened by the Uzbek Community

These days we hear a lot about tense Arizona politics, the need for leadership, and the need for more jobs. If I were the Mayor of Phoenix, I would know how to fix these problems. It’s easy. I would invite more people from the Andijan Uzbek community to move to Phoenix.

Peace Catalyst's Michael Ly Featured in Seattle Newspaper

Seattle, home to Peace Catalyst’s northwest regional office, is now becoming a center for innovative Christian-Muslim peacemaking efforts, organized and led by PCI’s own Michael Ly. Recently featured in the city’s Christian Examiner, the word is out on Ly’s ventures of reconciliation in the city.

Hospitality vs. TSA

Imagine if you were in a foreign country. Speaking the language and navigating the complicated layout of the airport is challenging enough. Then imagine if you were taken into custody by security and grilled with questions for hours upon hours. You might start to feel like you don’t belong in the country. You might start to feel like you are not welcome.

Blessing Israelis and Palestinians Today

Today David Johnston continues his post from last week and endeavors to present readers with a pro-peace perspective on the Middle Eastern crisis. After explaining the roots of Christian Zionism and American Christianity, he goes on to explain the present situation in the Israel / Palestine area and to exhort Christians towards a pro-peace stance regarding the current conflict.