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Should we Promote and Protect Freedom of Religion for All?

In 2008 I led a conference in Kenya of fifty evangelical leaders from around the world. One of the issues on the table was how to counter the increasing alienation between Muslims and Christians. The result? We wrote a consensus document for evangelicals called The Grace and Truth Affirmation. In this document, we commend nine biblical guidelines for inter-religious engagement with Muslims, one of which is to be persistent in our call for religious freedom:

Building Hope: Muslims, Christians and Jews Seeking the Common Good

I am writing from Yale University in New Haven, CT where I am preparing for the upcoming Building Hope conference (June 13-22, 2011). I am consulting with the Reconciliation Program directed by Joseph Cumming. The Reconciliation Program is part of Yale’s Center for Faith & Culture, directed by Miroslav Volf.

Interfaith Dialogue: Compromising and Unfruitful... Really?

A close friend of mine was sharing his heart with me. “Rick, I was talking about the Seven Resolutions Against Prejudice, Hatred & Discrimination with a well-known pastor. The pastor dismissed the document without even reading it, saying, ‘I don’t do interfaith stuff!’ How do I respond to this?”

Greater & Lesser Jihad

In his short series on the subject of jihad, Dr. David Johnston now explains the concepts of the “greater” and “lesser jihad”, as found in the Quran. You may be surprised at the conclusion!

Jihad: The Struggle to Follow God's Path

I ended the first half of this blog arguing that Sayyid Qutb’s definition of jihad, as total and permanent war until Islam reigns supreme in the world, was a throwback to the consensus of Muslim jurists and theologians in the classical period, and a vigorous push back against the modern Islamic consensus that military jihad can only be justified in the case of foreign invasion. Let me unpack that here.

Peace Catalyst's Jeff Burns featured on Interfaith Youth Core's website

Jeff Burns, Peace Catalyst's Northeast Regional Director, met with Eboo Patel in March and is now featured on the IFYC website. Check out his Bio and story Walking with Muslims, and when you're done, make sure to check out the rest of the website and find out what this organization is all about!

Holy Wars - Israelites versus bin Laden

In this guest post, Islamic Studies specialist David L. Johnston gives background on the "sword verses" in the Quran and the concept of jihad.

Uzbek Peace Feast

Tucked into an inconspicuous corner of a Phoenix strip mall, the Golden Valley Restaurant has that wonderful, familiar, inviting feel of somewhere you’ve been before. Maybe it’s the squad of welcoming faces waiting inside the door; maybe it’s the close round-table environment that encourages conversation and new friendships. There aren’t many places one can go nowadays and be served like family on a first visit, but that’s exactly the sort of feeling I experienced 15 minutes into my first visit to Golden Valley.

Rick Love Responds to Osama Bin Laden's Death

Rick Love's response to the death of Osama Bin Ladin. Is it wrong to be happy that someone who has been behind so much pain and suffering around the world is no longer able to do so?

The Good Somali

What if the incarnation took place in San Diego, in 2011? How would Jesus tell the parable of the Good Samaritan?