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Friendship, Peacemaking, and Bearing Witness

Can we be faithful to the friendship and at the same time desire to bear witness of God's amazing love through Jesus? What does it mean to be evangelical peacemakers. We aspire to be fruitful peacemakers and faithful evangelicals. What does this mean for us?

Can you really be an Evangelical Peacemaker?

What does it mean to be an evangelical peacemaker? For many this is an oxymoron. How can you be a true peacemaker and at the same time be a faithful evangelical? I get criticisms from both Muslims and Christians about this. Some Muslims accuse us of doing peacemaking only as a means to evangelize. Some Christians believe that peacemaking without evangelizing is meaningless. Is this really an either/or issue? Is there a tension between peacebuilding and gospeling?

My Top 10 Books of 2011

Here are the top ten books I've read in 2011. It was painful whittling the list down to only ten books, but hopefully this will give you some books to read as part of your New Year's resolution if you haven't read them yet.

The Gospel of the Kingdom or the Gospel of Christ Crucified ... Revisited

Rick Love concludes his previous blog post about the Gospel of the Kingdom vs. the Gospel of Christ Crucified. Are they the same? Or is one better than the other?

Peace Catalyst and Redemption Church bless Arizona refugees this Christmas

Walking with refugees is one of Peace Catalyst's priorities in Phoenix, and we're thankful to have the partnership of Redemption Church in this work. Arizona is home to tens of thousands of refugees, and the people of Redemption recently got together to bless them this Christmas. Members of the church partnered with Peace Catalyst to donate much-needed supplies and other gifts to the Maricopa Women's Refugee Health Clinic for distribution to refugee mothers throughout the Valley. There were so many gifts that it actually took a U-haul to deliver them all! A huge thank you to everyone involved! A whole lot of women are about to be made very happy because of your generosity.

Biblical Holism: Gospel of the Kingdom and/or Gospel of Christ Crucified?

Rick Love continues his series on Biblical Holism by asking the question, Is the "gospel of the kingdom" the same as the "gospel of salvation?"

Biblical Holism: Jesus Came to Reverse the Curse

The impact of sin is multidimensional. It affects our relationship with God, our relationship with ourselves, our relationships with one another, and our relationship with creation. Therefore, we need reconciliation that is also multidimensional.