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Three Half Truths that Cripple the Church: The Problem with Sound Byte Theology

I love twitter. It forces me to be concise. It is a great discipline to weigh one's words carefully and express oneself precisely. The sound byte helps us wade through the torrent of data bombarding us. It aids us in finding the right info in a glut of information. But sound byte theology has its limitations...

Stories from Afghanistan: When God Ran

This is part two of Thomas Davis's "Stories from Afghanistan" series. On my next to last day in a Kabul classroom, something extraordinary happened...

Stories from Afghanistan: A Journey of Faith and Friendship

Thomas Davis, from our PCI Raleigh team, recently traveled to Afghanistan to work with a Muslim NGO training English teachers for two weeks. He came back with incredible stories to tell, and he will be sharing them with us in a series of posts from his blog, Incomparable Treasure.

Video: Peacemaking for Dummies

In our most recent video, Rick Love discusses Romans 12:18 - the one-verse peacemaking manual, as he puts it. Enjoy, and feel free to share this with your friends.

Top 10 Books of 2012

Here are the top ten books I've read in 2012. These books provide a rock-solid biblical and practical foundation for followers of Jesus who want to live out their faith in a glocalized world. The first two books articulate a profound summary of the gospel. The next three books describe how to live out love of neighbor practically. The reminder of the list includes books on leadership and social media, business, politics, conflict resolution and coaching. Enjoy!