Archives for Jun 2013

Why a Peacebuilding Novice Attended the Evangelicals for Peace Meeting

What am I doing here? How did I get the chance to be in this room? Those questions resonated through my mind countless times during the most recent Evangelicals for Peace (EFP) meeting in Washington, D.C.

Video: End Times Theology

Many people object to working toward peace, in the Middle East for example, because of various End Times beliefs. In this video, Rick Love addresses this objection and discusses an approach to peacemaking in light of End Times theology.

My Friend the Muslim Peacemaker

My colleague Jeff Burns had told me that Imam Abdullah Antepli was an amazing guy, so I was excited when I recently got to meet him during my time at the Duke Center for Reconciliation Summer Institute. Abdullah was co-leading a class on Islam and Christianity with Dr. Ellen Davis, an Old Testament scholar.

Exclusive Truth Claims and Inclusive Love Aims

Many Christians struggle with the balance between holding onto exclusive truth claims and at the same time loving people inclusively. In this video, Rick Love talks about this apparent dichotomy and offers way forward.