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Overcoming a Volatile Tension

Sometimes when I spend time with my Muslim friends, it seems so very easy, nearly effortless. I forget that by sitting around the table together we are peacemakers. At this moment you may rightfully ask how a pleasant meal shared between Muslims and Christians is peacemaking. It is an important question to have answered, especially since Peace Catalyst so often facilitates such events.

Pastors and the Peacemaking Paradox

I don't know a single local church pastor who doesn't believe in peacemaking. And yet, there is a clear gap between U.S. church leaders' stated support of biblical peacemaking and our actual pursuit of peacemaking in our ministry initiatives.

Three Phases of Relationship Between Islam and the USA

Principles of separation of religion and government do not apply in many places, but the U.S. has laws that limit the roles of religion in government. Are U.S. laws applicable in other countries?

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

One of the most radically Jesus-centered Christians I know of was Charles de Foucauld, a Catholic monk who took the presence of Jesus to the heart of the Sahara desert around the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. The Muslim Tuareg tribes grew to love him, referring to him affectionately as the "White Father." Interestingly, Charles was not motivated by mere humanitarian concern; it was his complete devotion to what he called the "bleeding heart of Jesus" which inspired him to go to those he considered farthest from the gospel, the nomads of the Sahara.