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American Muslims: Challenges

In this, the second blog in a series of two, I would like to discuss some of the challenges the U.S. Muslim community faces in the coming years.

American Muslims: Attitudes

An extensive Gallup Poll published in 2011 reported that though they continue to experience some perceived bias, Muslim Americans are satisfied with their current lives and are more optimistic than other faith groups that things are getting better. In this blog I offer a brief synopsis of this 132-page document, singling out what I am guessing are some of its most startling findings.

Bob Roberts Jr., Glocalization & the Global Faith Forum

My mind was spinning with excitement as I read Glocalization: How Followers of Jesus Engage a Flat World by Bob Roberts Jr. Bob clearly understood the unique challenges of living out faith in a post-9/11, interconnected, pluralistic world. I had found someone serious about following Jesus and someone who at the same time understood the tectonic communicational shifts impacting our world.

Perfect Fear Casts Out Love... wait, that's wrong

Social distancing is a major problem these days. We seem more polarized, more ready to place the "other" in the dark camp on the opposite side of an issue, political viewpoint AND religious belief. Just last week I saw a simple encounter in the grocery store parking lot escalate to an altercation where strangers were yelling at each other and demonstrating with hand gestures. I do not think they were the least embarrassed by their behavior. They probably even felt justified.

Why "Both And" may be the most important book you'll read this year

I remember the first time I heard Rich Nathan speak on being a Both-And Christian. My heart was burning within me. I felt like the disciples did when Jesus walked them through the Old Testament after his death (Luke 24:13-35). Why was I so stirred? Because Rich was offering a paradigm, a way of looking at the Scripture, that was serious about the whole Bible.