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The FBI Came to Our Somali Peace Feast

The FBI agent was a sharply dressed young woman. I wondered why she was attending the Somali Peace Feast. Another friend who works with local internationals said this FBI agent had been a friend to the international community, helping both the agency and the local police department be more sympathetic with the immigrant populations.

EthicsDaily Video Interview with Rick Love

Peace Catalyst president Rick Love was recently interviewed by EthicsDaily, a website challenging people of faith to work for the common good. We'd like to share here a video of the interview for your viewing pleasure.

Terrorism and Peacemaking in Pakistan (Part Two)

During the recent meeting of the Interfaith Leaders Network (ILN) in Nepal, I was in awe as I heard the stories of Pakistani Muslim peacemakers and learned about their work. I have faced many sorts of conflict and been in countless dialogues with Muslims, but this was different. Pakistan was different.