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We Are Fellow Pilgrims

We are fellow pilgrims, wanting to know God and to do His will. This was our motto, our sincere statement of life purpose and understanding between us. Five men around the table, holy books open, sipping tea and snacking on homemade pastries.

A Special Luncheon

By taking the time to meet our neighbors, new friendships can be formed. There may be many things we don't agree on, but there is one thing that we do agree upon: God is great and He is our creator. He desires that His children love and care for one another.

We Are Friends

Most Saturday mornings Susan fixes a great breakfast. Friends arrive around 10. Some are Iranian. Some are Palestinian. Others Turkish and Yemeni. We always have halal food for our Muslim friends. Most weeks they pitch in. We have traditional eggs and pancakes mixed with dolma, samoosas, hummus, and borek. We were going to call it "Brunch and Share," but we are friends, so most just call it breakfast.

Recap of What We Did in 2013

The peacemaking movement is officially well underway, and Peace Catalyst had a record-breaking year in 2013. We want to keep you in the know about what we're doing, so we've put together this overview of highlights from our work in 2013. This is the work of so many people who work alongside us, support us, and are starting peacemaking movements in their own city, so let's celebrate this move of God together!

Westgate Mall, Just Peacemaking, and al Shabaab

In one of our recent posts, we wrote about how the FBI showed up at one of our Peace Feasts and how our peacemaking efforts help protect young Somali men in America from the recruiting efforts of al Shabaab. Today we'd like to talk more about the situation and share with you this analysis by Peter Sensenig.

I Was Never Taught to Build Bridges!

I was never taught to build bridges. We always focused on our beliefs and the differences between us and others. We want to share our faith but never learned about building bridges of truth and love...