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Oil, Cows, and Benevolence: Insights on Sudan

I remember sometime in my educational process becoming aware of and wrestling with the term benevolent dictator. As a western, independent child of the enlightenment, I had assumed all dictators were bad dictators...

Where the Love of God is Felt

While our relationship may be non-traditional, we are friends, co-constructors of peace, and servants of God. Muslim and Christian. Fatima and Rebecca. Matriarchs of the faith. Somali and American.

Featured Peacemaker: Josh Daneshforooz

In the coming months, we'll be highlighting a different Jesus-centered peacemaker or organization once a month. These are people that you need to know if you are interested in peacemaking, and the first one we'd like to highlight is Josh Daneshforooz.

Seeing the Noah Movie from Muslim and Christian Perspectives

Have you heard about this new Noah movie? It is making some waves. What keeps coming to my mind is how Jesus would react to it. Can it be used for peacemaking in the way of Jesus?