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Religious Freedom Part 2: Two Keys to Unleashing Peace

In this, the second post in a series on religious freedom I offer two practical ways to promote religious freedom and counter terrorism.

Will Ride For Peace

This reflection is based on and inspired by the fascinating story of a man named Dolkun Tunurganjan, a 31-year-old Uighur Muslim from Xinjiang, the semi-autonomous region in northwestern China. Dolkun is currently riding his motorcycle across numerous provinces and regions in China in the name of promoting greater ethnic harmony.

Talking with Terrorists: Boko Haram and Peacemaking

What if you had a chance to sit down with one of the Boko Haram guys, before they kidnapped the Nigerian girls? If you knew of his plan, would you try to talk him out of it? I mean, even if you were not successful, wouldn't you want to try? Unfortunately, if you did that, you would be in violation of U.S. law.

Loving Muslims and Dealing with Terrorists

Peace Catalyst President, Rick Love, addresses the issue of both loving Muslims and dealing with terrorists.

Featured Peacemaker: Mario Mattei

Peacemaking is needed (and can be done) in all arenas of life, and today we highlight Mario Mattei, an artist working for peace through film, photography, and storytelling.

Why Religious Freedom is One of the Most Important Global Issues We Face (Part One)

Is freedom of religion a liberal political agenda or is it a biblical mandate? The middle-aged man sitting across from me asked this question intently in response to my comments on the role of religious freedom in peacemaking.