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Thank You for Your Partnership in 2014

As we close out 2014, we wanted to extend a special thank you for your partnership this year. It has been a big year for us, where the hearts of thousands of Christians and Muslims have been softened and changed.

Local to Global: Peace Catalyst’s Widening Influence

God is opening doors for us and giving us increasing influence for the sake of peace. Most of our work is local and at a grassroots level, but since our vision is to ignite a global peacemaking movement, we also work with high-level Muslim leaders, partner with international organizations, and have even begun to engage diplomats.

Three Reasons to Celebrate What God Has Done in 2014

As we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace this Christmas season, would you join us in celebrating what God has done through Peace Catalyst in 2014?

Religious Freedom Part Five: The Best Weapon Against Terrorism

The U.S. is continuing its bombing campaign against ISIS. Secretary of State John Kerry has asked Congress for ground troops. It looks like we will soon see bombs in the air and boots on the ground once again. But below the radar screen, Obama has appointed and Congress has confirmed Rabbi David Saperstein as the new Ambassador-At-Large For International Religious Freedom.

The CIA & Torture: The War on Terror Became the War of Terror

I was happy when the Senate Intelligence Committee report came out this week and exposed the brutal and unfruitful interrogation tactics of the CIA. I understand the good intentions of the CIA , but torture is illegal, ineffective, and immoral.

Can Muslims and Christians Celebrate Thanksgiving Together? (The Answer in 7 Images)

Last month, in partnership with our church, Fellowship of Christ, Carrie and I and our Peace Catalyst crew hosted a Muslim-Christian Thanksgiving Gathering. More than 30 of our Muslim friends, representing several different area mosques, blessed us with their presence, and we had almost as many Christians from a number of different churches.

How Worried Should We Be About Terrorism?

Television and news media are filled with talk about terrorism, and fear is on the rise. But should we be as fearful of terrorism as we are? This report offers a new perspective on violent terrorism as well as on how effective military action really is in breaking up terrorist groups.

Welcoming Refugee Friends in Boise

After spending the day with a newly-arrived Muslim family from Darfur, Lynda Evenson looked at me and said, Well, I'm hooked! I had a wonderful time with Mohammed and his family. His wife is beautiful, and his children are as cute as they can be! Lynda and her husband Rudy are members of our first Friendship Partner Team.