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Current Top 10 Peacemaking Books

One of the best ways to acquire wisdom is through reading. So I have put together the top ten books on peacemaking for 2015. It was painful whittling the list down to only ten books, but hopefully this will give you some guidance as you seek to acquire wisdom.

Join the Peacemaking Movement

Our work is constantly increasing, and we need the resources to keep up with the opportunities coming our way. Do you want to be part of the peacemaking movement?

Hope but Verify - Supporting Diplomacy with Iran

This week, more than 50 Christian leaders came together to voice support for the recent move toward a diplomatic agreement with Iran concerning Iran’s nuclear program. Sojourners published the statement (below) as a full-page ad in Roll Call, a Washington, D.C. political newspaper widely read by members of Congress and their staff.

Blessed Are the Peacemakers: A New Look at the West Bank and Jerusalem

In our world filled with negative images and stories from around the world, it's as important as ever (or maybe even more important than ever) to tell the positive stories. Which is why we're so excited about this upcoming project by Peace Catalyst's own Andy Larsen.

Featured Peacemaker: Abdullah Saeed

Abdullah Saeed is the Sultan of Oman Professor of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Melbourne. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the Islamic University of Medina and holds a PhD in Islamic Studies as well as a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne. He has written on religious freedom, Quran interpretation, and Islamic banking, among other topics in the field of Islamic studies.