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4 Practical Ways to Start Making Peace in the New Year

As you start making your resolutions for the New Year, here are some easy and practical ways to get started with peacemaking (that anyone can do)...

A Prayer Challenge for a Weary, War-Torn World

Will you wage peace with us? Let’s pray in the new year by praying for Syria, South Sudan, Somalia, Central African Republic, and Afghanistan!

An Open Letter to our Muslim Friends

Dear Muslim Friends, I hope it's okay with you if I share a bit from my heart.

Love Your Neighbor (Whatever His Religion)

The world seems to be going mad. If you go by what the news reports, the situation is pretty bleak. Particularly when it comes to relations between Christians and Muslims. But what we hear on the news is not the whole story.

Colorado Gives Day TOMORROW

Both Muslims and Christians should live in safe, supportive communities... but this reality is not possible without the hard work of peacemaking. One practical way to give the gift of peace is to partner with Peace Catalyst International.

Peacemaking Through Art

It’s incredible how impactful a few hours of interaction with someone from another culture can be! Our State Department sponsors various cultural groups to visit the U.S., and sometimes those groups come to our city, Louisville, KY.