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New Peacemaking 101 Online Course

One of the questions people ask us most often is, "How do I get started in peacemaking?" So we've created an online, self-paced course to give you the basics and help you on your journey toward becoming a peacemaker.

Live Interview on Turkish TV

Rick Love was recently interviewed on Turkish television, and we'd like to share the conversation with you. These Muslims are eager for peace between Muslims and Christians and are more than willing to help.

3 Ways to Engage Muslims

When I told my Jesus-following friends I would be speaking in a mosque, testifying to Jesus’ work in my life and how He motivates me to stand against discrimination, hate crimes and oppression, I was met with suspicion and confusion. With Islamophobia on the rise, countering the dehumanization of Muslims is an unpopular stance, but it is the right one.

Lessons Learned from an Anti-Islam Protest: Our Talk with Usama Shami

The world is seemingly becoming overrun with hate and violence. We hear about yet another shooting practically daily. But as we are so inundated with horror story after horror story, we’d like to bring you news of a story that turned out very differently.

FAQ 1: Is It Really Possible to Have Peace Between Christians and Muslims?

Peace Catalyst International gets asked a lot of the same questions over and over again. The wording may be different, but the concerns remain the same. Because of this, we are writing a number of blogs addressing some of our Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ 1: Is It Really Possible to Have Peace Between Christians and Muslims?

Muslims are Asking Questions in Louisville

“We don’t want to just talk about things, we want to do things together, make a difference. Let’s get together and build friendships, not by meeting and discussing our differences, but doing things together.” What would happen if we worked side by side to bless our community?

Conversations with an Imam: Similarities and Differences in Christian-Muslim Friendship

PCI's Martin Brooks created this video conversation with his friend Imam Wasif about what it looks like for Muslims and Christians to be friends, given that we have both similarities and differences of faith. This is a powerful picture of peacemaking and what we're all about at Peace Catalyst.

The Only Way

"To tell you the truth, I've done the normal, 'nice' interfaith stuff, and now I want something different," my Muslim friend said as he looked down at his coffee. "I want to start a group that takes seriously working for peace, compassion, and justice - we need to stand up for each other and really work for the good of our neighbor. I think you would agree - are you interested?"

Communities of Reconciliation: Can't We Just Be Enemies?

Jesus told the story of just a little yeast working its way into every part of the dough. The little yeast of peace and reconciliation can do the same to bring good news in this world. This yeast may end up permeating every part of our home countries and all over the world. We are not enemies. We hope for reconciliation with ourselves, God, and even across faiths.

American Muslims: Attitudes

An extensive Gallup Poll published in 2011 reported that though they continue to experience some perceived bias, Muslim Americans are satisfied with their current lives and are more optimistic than other faith groups that things are getting better. In this blog I offer a brief synopsis of this 132-page document, singling out what I am guessing are some of its most startling findings.

Perfect Fear Casts Out Love... wait, that's wrong

Social distancing is a major problem these days. We seem more polarized, more ready to place the "other" in the dark camp on the opposite side of an issue, political viewpoint AND religious belief. Just last week I saw a simple encounter in the grocery store parking lot escalate to an altercation where strangers were yelling at each other and demonstrating with hand gestures. I do not think they were the least embarrassed by their behavior. They probably even felt justified.

An Evangelical Man of Peace

Every week I receive a standardized email from Jawad, inviting me to featured events relevant to Muslims in the greater Seattle area. He also includes specific programs in his mosque, a schedule from their website to help everybody keep track of what is going on. Several weeks ago, the standardized email caught my eye.

Overcoming a Volatile Tension

Sometimes when I spend time with my Muslim friends, it seems so very easy, nearly effortless. I forget that by sitting around the table together we are peacemakers. At this moment you may rightfully ask how a pleasant meal shared between Muslims and Christians is peacemaking. It is an important question to have answered, especially since Peace Catalyst so often facilitates such events.

A Father's Love

I have learned so much from my Muslim friends over the years. Does it sound strange to your ears to hear me refer to Muslims as friends? To some it does. As we do life together and share the ups and downs of the day-to-day, we get very close, and we share our frustrations and our joys. I have found that people all over the world have similar concerns, whether Christian or Muslim or any other faith.

My Friend the Muslim Peacemaker

My colleague Jeff Burns had told me that Imam Abdullah Antepli was an amazing guy, so I was excited when I recently got to meet him during my time at the Duke Center for Reconciliation Summer Institute. Abdullah was co-leading a class on Islam and Christianity with Dr. Ellen Davis, an Old Testament scholar.

Stories from Afghanistan: Shaved Heads and Sacrificial Love

On day three of my 15-day seminar, some of the Turkish and Afghan teachers greeted me with a major surprise. Kabul in January can be quite cold, and there was quite a bit of snow on the ground outside as we gathered at 8:00am in a chilly classroom for the start of our day's work.

Stories from Afghanistan: Fear, Love, Friendship and a Snowball Fight

During my last week in Kabul, I awoke one morning to a fresh snow covering of about eight inches. As my students and I were beginning our early morning class session, we heard a very loud thud. Looking toward the sound, we saw the remnants of a massive snowball that had struck (and nearly cracked, I'm sure) our classroom window.

You Christians Have An Image Problem

"You Christians have an image problem," my Turkish friend told me. We had been meeting for several weeks - six couples and a single friend, Christians and Muslims, sharing meals and our respective faiths. We had developed a level of trust and respect that allowed us to speak openly.

Stories from Afghanistan: A Journey of Faith and Friendship

Thomas Davis, from our PCI Raleigh team, recently traveled to Afghanistan to work with a Muslim NGO training English teachers for two weeks. He came back with incredible stories to tell, and he will be sharing them with us in a series of posts from his blog, Incomparable Treasure.

Tim McDonell on Making New Muslim Friends

Tim McDonell has recently come on as our Southern California Regional Director, and we wanted to let you get to know him better by sharing with you a bit of his personal story. Here's what he has to say about how he first started building friendships with Muslims in his hometown...

The Sinner's Prayer, the Islamic Shahada, and Peacemaking

Both Christians and Muslims are compelled to share their faith. Muslim da'wah (the Arabic term for Islamic outreach) and Christian evangelism takes place in both directions. Muslims are coming to Christ and Christians are converting to Islam. The reality of da'wah and evangelism is one of the most important peacemaking issues we face in Christian-Muslim relations.