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Five Books That Will Help You Be A Peace Catalyst

One of the best ways to acquire wisdom is through reading. The five books below describe Peace Catalyst International’s multifaceted approach to Jesus-centered peacemaking. Read them carefully and apply them practically to become a peace catalyst this year!

Fuller Journal: Evangelicals and Islamophobia

The latest edition of Fuller Seminary's online Journal, all about Evangelicals and Islamophobia, features a variety of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish voices. Browse the Journal to read articles from Rick Love, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, and others, and leave your comments to let us know what you think!

Blessed are the Peacemakers Movie: A Journey to Palestine

Photographer, visual peacemaker, and Peace Catalyst staff member, Andy Larsen has spent a good amount of time in the Holy Land and has collaborated with Emmy award-winning producer John Yeager to produce the movie Blessed Are The Peacemakers to document Andy's journey through the Holy Land and to tell the stories of real people living life there.

Featured Peacemaker: Eric Patterson

Conversations about peacemaking can tend to communicate the notion that all force is always wrong. However, peacemaker Eric Patterson believes that we can work for peace while also supporting the use of force by legitimate authorities under the right circumstances

Featured Peacemaker: Jeremy Courtney

He’s had death threats and fatwas issued against him, his staff arrested on false charges, and his house broken into and bugged by friends who turned out to be spies. But that's not stopping him.

Current Top 10 Peacemaking Books

One of the best ways to acquire wisdom is through reading. So I have put together the top ten books on peacemaking for 2015. It was painful whittling the list down to only ten books, but hopefully this will give you some guidance as you seek to acquire wisdom.

Featured Peacemaker: Abdullah Saeed

Abdullah Saeed is the Sultan of Oman Professor of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Melbourne. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the Islamic University of Medina and holds a PhD in Islamic Studies as well as a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne. He has written on religious freedom, Quran interpretation, and Islamic banking, among other topics in the field of Islamic studies.

Featured Peacemaker: Lisa Gibson

As news of ISIS fills the headlines and the thoughts of people around the world today, we find ourselves, especially as followers of Jesus, asking how we should respond. It’s one thing to talk about how to respond to terrorists, but it’s another to truly live it out. Lisa Gibson is one person who has been personally affected by terrorism and has lived out forgiveness in a profound and extraordinary way.

Conversations with an Imam: How Do You Respond to Discrimination?

PCI's Martin Brooks has been making a series of short video interviews with his friend Imam Wasif. They discuss a wide range of issues concerning Christian-Muslim relations, and today they talk about how Imam Wasif and his family respond to discrimination as Muslims in the U.S.

Featured Peacemaker: Sami Awad

A peacemaker with a rich and conflict-riddled heritage, Sami Awad is a Palestinian Christian who founded and is currently Executive Director of Holy Land Trust, a Palestinian non-profit organization in Bethlehem established to build peace through nonviolence.

In Islam, What Happens After Death?

PCI's Martin Brooks has been making a series of short video interviews with his friend Imam Wasif. They discuss a wide range of issues concerning Christian-Muslim relations, and today they talk about what happens after death according to Islam.

Video: Jesus-Centered Peacemakers

There are many kinds of peacemaking out there and many people who are doing great things. We at Peace Catalyst identify ourselves specifically as Jesus-Centered peacemakers, and in this video our President Rick Love talks about what that means and what distinctives characterize us as as people who do peacemaking in the way of Jesus.

Featured Peacemaker: Chris Seiple

Religious freedom is one of the most important peacemaking challenges of the 21st century, and Chris Seiple is on the cutting edge

Featured Peacemaker: Chris Rice

I first met Chris in January of 2010 when Jim Mullins and I flew to Duke Divinity School to share with him about the birth of Peace Catalyst. I was impressed with his wisdom and gentleness and noticed that he exuded such peace that he seemed like a bit of a mystic.

Featured Peacemaker: Glen Stassen

The long-asked question concerning the Christian response to war has historically had two answers: pacifism, meaning that war is never justified; and "Just War" theory, meaning that there are certain circumstances which justify killing during war. That was, until Glen Stassen presented his third option, Just Peacemaking.

Featured Peacemaker: Mario Mattei

Peacemaking is needed (and can be done) in all arenas of life, and today we highlight Mario Mattei, an artist working for peace through film, photography, and storytelling.

Do You Have a Bible-Sized View of Peace? The Peace Gap in Evangelical Churches

I recently attended a conference at the Naval War College in Rhode Island on Religion and Security in World Affairs. I loved the lectures and the lively interaction. Yet something deeper was being stirred in me. I could not pinpoint what it was until I recalled the statement by Martin Luther King Jr. that those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.

Featured Peacemaker: Bob Roberts

As we continue our series of featured peacemakers here on the blog, today we highlight Bob Roberts, a must-know in the world of peacemaking.

EthicsDaily Video Interview with Rick Love

Peace Catalyst president Rick Love was recently interviewed by EthicsDaily, a website challenging people of faith to work for the common good. We'd like to share here a video of the interview for your viewing pleasure.

A Biblical Alternative to Interfaith Dialogue

I think I am allergic to interfaith dialogue. When I get near interfaith dialogue events, I begin to gnash my teeth in frustration at the tendency toward superficial, lowest-common-denominator discussions about how similar we all are and the often-aggressive hostility toward very basic religious practices such as evangelization. When I, as a Christian, am asked to come to such events but am told that no sharing of faith will be allowed, I feel as if I am being asked to leave a part of my faith at the door. How can an event be interfaith if I cannot bring my faith fully and wholly?

Visual Peacemaking: Building Bridges Through Photography

Our very own Andy Larsen, a photographer and peacemaker on our Seattle team, was recently featured on television for his work in building bridges through visual media. Check out his segment on Seatle's King 5 news.

Bob Roberts Jr., Glocalization & the Global Faith Forum

My mind was spinning with excitement as I read Glocalization: How Followers of Jesus Engage a Flat World by Bob Roberts Jr. Bob clearly understood the unique challenges of living out faith in a post-9/11, interconnected, pluralistic world. I had found someone serious about following Jesus and someone who at the same time understood the tectonic communicational shifts impacting our world.

Why "Both And" may be the most important book you'll read this year

I remember the first time I heard Rich Nathan speak on being a Both-And Christian. My heart was burning within me. I felt like the disciples did when Jesus walked them through the Old Testament after his death (Luke 24:13-35). Why was I so stirred? Because Rich was offering a paradigm, a way of looking at the Scripture, that was serious about the whole Bible.

Video: Grace & Truth

Today we'd like to share another of our new videos with you. In today's video, Rick Love speaks about an important resource that every peacemaker and everyone committed to Christian-Muslim relations should be aware of: the Grace & Truth Project.

Top 10 Books of 2012

Here are the top ten books I've read in 2012. These books provide a rock-solid biblical and practical foundation for followers of Jesus who want to live out their faith in a glocalized world. The first two books articulate a profound summary of the gospel. The next three books describe how to live out love of neighbor practically. The reminder of the list includes books on leadership and social media, business, politics, conflict resolution and coaching. Enjoy!

My Top Ten Books on Peacemaking & Conflict Resolution

There are so many books I haven't read yet. But out of the ones I have read, I consider these to be the top ten books on peacemaking and conflict resolution.

Review of Douglas E. Noll's Book, Elusive Peace

Douglas E. Noll's Elusive Peace: How Modern Diplomatic Strategies Could Better Resolve World Conflicts provides a profound overview of the field of peacemaking. The heart of the book, though, is his rigorous critique of diplomatic peacemaking methods and robust apologetic for the importance of emotions in peacemaking. Noll's detailed illustrations and solid research make this one of the best books I've read this year!

Releasing the Chains by Lisa Gibson

Today we want to share with you the release of a new book by Lisa Gibson, award-winning and bestselling author and conflict coach, who spoke at our Evangelicals for Peace conference at Georgetown. Her book is called Releasing The Chains: Timeless Wisdom On How To Forgive Anyone For Anything, and in it she gives the step-by-step process of how to forgive and life-changing examples of others who have applied these principles to their lives.

For the Health of the Nation

Two weeks ago, an article by Rick Love was published in the Washington Post. This week, we want to share with you a short piece of his published by the National Association of Evangelicals.

Boldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before: Bold as Love by Bob Roberts

What happens when a Southern Baptist Pastor takes the Great Commandments as seriously as he does the Great Commission? We don't have to guess. It is happening at Northwood Church in Dallas, Texas. Bob Roberts Jr. and his church are breaking out of the evangelical box and modeling bold love.

Do You Know Any Muslims?

This is a fantastic 5-minute video of Carl Medearis talking about some common objections he hears to befriending and doing peacemaking with Muslims. We highly recommend it, and feel free to share this with your friends.

Can a Christian Learn from a Muslim? A Review of Sacred Ground by Eboo Patel

Can a Christian learn anything from a Muslim? I have learned a lot from my Muslim friends. For example, I have learned much more about hospitality from my Muslim friends than I have from my Christian friends. Hospitality is an important theme in Scripture, and Muslims have modeled for me what hospitality truly is. I have also learned a lot from Eboo Patel's latest book, Sacred Ground: Pluralism, Prejudice and the Promise of America.

What Role Does the Gospel Play in Peacemaking?

Do we do peacemaking simply as an avenue to share the Gospel with people, or does the very act of peacemaking glorify God in and of itself? This week we'd like to continue our video series from Rick Love's talk at the Society of Vineyard Scholars, and today he addresses the Gospel and the role it plays in the work of peacemaking.

Video: God's Blessing on Peacemakers

Our last video post was about the fact that God is a God of Peace and what that means for us as we work toward peace. Today, we bring you a video of Rick Love speaking to the Society of Vineyard scholars about what God's blessing is for those who are peacemakers

God of Peace: the Beginning and End of Human History

Earlier this week, we shared with you a video story of radical peacemaking in Nigeria. Today we share with you another video, this time about a vital foundation for the work we do at Peace Catalyst: the fact that God is a God of peace.

Pastor James and Imam Ashafa: Radical Peacemaking in Nigeria

In this video, PCI's Rick Love speaks to the Society of Vineyard Scholars, telling a story that we have been inspired by many times over. It is the story of a Christian pastor and a Muslim imam, in the midst of violence-ridden Nigeria, who find reconciliation and friendship with one another and now work together for peace between Christians and Muslims in their county. We hope this story will inspire you as it has us.

Evangelicals Learn to Wage Peace

Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe leads the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), a global coalition that represents 650 million evangelicals around the world. Hear Geoff describe some of the important new things that WEA is doing to wage peace, including the birth of the World Evangelical Alliance Peace and Reconciliation Initiative.

The Missing Peace of Evangelicalism: Do you Need to be Converted?

The word "peace" conjures up different things to different people. I am a child of the sixties, so my generation links peace with hippies, anti-Vietnam war protests and free love. Others think of beauty queens declaring their hope for "world peace" (I can't help but picture Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality). And many conservative evangelicals assume peace is for liberals (whether theological or political).

Popcorn Guide: Sheena Iyengar

Sheena Iyengar, a leading expert in choice theory, speaks about the ways people from different cultures make decisions. She shares several interesting insights from case studies from around the world, revealing that not all cultures thrive on the belief that the individual is the locus of decision making, as most of Westerners have been brought up to enjoy. She points out several assumptions we often make when it comes to the subject of decision making.

Popcorn Guide: Sam Richards

Sam Richards, a sociology professor at Penn State, expounds upon the process of empathy. By leading the audience through a re-narration of history and their own identity, he invites the audience to step into the shoes of someone else's life. After exploring new hopes, fears, and perceptions as "the other," connections and relationships are more easily visible. We encourage you to watch the entire video even if you do not agree with everything Richards says. This is a very challenging and interesting video.

Popcorn Guide: Todd Deatheradge

What should we make of the Arab Spring? How should we view these revolutions as Americans, as followers of Jesus, or as people who want peace? Todd Deatherage, co-founder of the Telos Group and former staff member for the Bush Administration, provides some insight and understanding to these events. As someone who has worked extensively in the Middle East, he shares his thoughts about the role of Americans and American evangelicals in this movement.

Global Neighbors & God's Story

Peace Catalyst's Jim Mullins has just finished putting together this ebook study on what the Bible has to say about culture. We're thrilled to have this fantastic resource to point people to, and we highly recommend it for all of our Jesus-following friends who want to know more about how to respond to diversity, how to obey Jesus's command to love our neighbor in a globalized world, and how to respectfully communicate what we believe.

Popcorn Guide: Jim Mullins

Can you be peacemaker without being a politician, religious leader, or wealthy philanthropist? Can average people have any real impact for peace? Jim Mullins, a co-founder of Peace Catalyst International and the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers, promotes the idea of "carrot cake peacemaking" and encourages people to be creative with the resources around them and their own strengths in order to build peace.

Popcorn Guide: Mustafa Akyol

Mustafa Akyol, a well-known Turkish journalist, discusses the difference between the Islamic faith and local traditional practices. In this compelling TED talk, Akyol asserts that traditions change and vary between regions, countries, communities, and are often shaped by globalization and other global activity. Although some practices aren't necessarily found in Islamic text, they can become the predominant way society understands the Islamic faith. Sadly, this can lead to stereotypes and suspicions.

Popcorn Guide: Jeremy Courtney

Jeremy Courtney, executive director and cofounder of Preemptive Love Coalition, speaks about living as an American in Iraq and pursuing a lifestyle of preemptive love. He says, "violence unmakes the world," but "preemptive love unmakes violence. Preemptive Love remakes the world through healing." This philosophy of preemptive love has led Jeremy, and the staff of Preemptive Love, to work in partnership with Iraqis to eradicate the backlog of children who need heart surgery in Iraq. This video is filled with inspiring stories of peace, healing, and hope coming out of Iraq.

Popcorn Guide: Dr. Salim Munayer

Dr. Salim Munayer is the Director of Musalaha, an organization working on the process of reconciliation in Israel and Palestine. He speaks on the importance of having a robust theology of reconciliation instead of the incomplete theologies that lead to exclusive support of either Israel or Palestine. He identifies the tendency of fundamentalist Christians to support Israel, mainline Christians to support Palestine, and shows how a deep theology of reconciliation will lead to a desire for the flourishing of both communities.

Popcorn Guide: Eboo Patel

Eboo Patel, an American Muslim and founder of the Interfaith Youth Core, addresses a group of Christians at the Global Faith Forum at Northwood Church. He talks about the increasing challenges of living in the U.S. as a Muslim and the need for people to protect and respect people from other faiths. Patel encourages people to promote peace, not in spite of their faith, but as a response to the robust peacemaking teaching found in their religious texts.

Popcorn Guide: Mike Erre

We've recently added a collection of resources to our website called the Peacemaker's Popcorn Guide. In short, it's a collection of short online videos that we think are excellent for provoking thinking and promoting peace. We'll be posting one video a week on the blog, along with some reflection questions to go with each. Watch them on your own, or get a group and talk through the questions together. Let us know what you think too - we'd love to hear your thoughts and what kinds of discussions you have after watching these.

Different Books, Common Word

I was privileged to view an extraordinary documentary recently that presents a very different picture of Christian-Muslim relations than that which is promoted by the media and religious extremists. The name of the documentary is Different Books, Common Word, produced by the Baptist Center of Ethics in 2009.

TED Talk by Jonas Gahr Store: In Defense of Dialogue

We highly recommend this TED talk by Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store. In it, he talks about the importance and positive impact of dialogue, even when the beliefs and values of both parties differ. Fantastic for peacemakers, and applicable to all kinds of relationships.

Video tour of Jerusalem Foods

One of our favorite ethnic restaurants in the Phoenix area is a place called Jerusalem Foods, run by a Palestinian friend of ours. Peace Catalyst's Jim Mullins recently took our cameras on a tour of the place, so check out the video, and drop by the restaurant and enjoy it for yourself!

My Top 10 Books of 2011

Here are the top ten books I've read in 2011. It was painful whittling the list down to only ten books, but hopefully this will give you some books to read as part of your New Year's resolution if you haven't read them yet.

ExChange - Breaking Stereotypes in America

A couple months ago, we wrote about Peace Catalyst's commitment to visual peacemaking and told you about an upcoming micro-documentary project by one of our friends. Well, today we're excited to say that the project is finished! You can find it on Vimeo, but we thought we'd also share it here. So here it is. ExChange: Breaking Stereotypes in America by Mario Mattei and Peter Bergmeier. You can also read more about the project on the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers blog.

ex:Change - Muslim and Christian Students Overcoming Stereotypes

"Popular rhetoric supposes Western and Islamic 'civilizations' are bound to 'clash.' But is this true?" That’s the question that drives Mario Mattei in making his new documentary called Ex:Change, a video project that will explore stereotypes between Muslim and Western students in America, and how those stereotypes have been and can be overcome.

Speaking of Jesus: Why Carl Medearis's New Book Rocks

Speaking of Jesus by Carl Medearis is the best book you can read about evangelism. Why? Because evangelism is neither a method nor an approach. It is not a what or a how. It is a who – Jesus is the good news.

Peace Catalyst's Jeff Burns featured on Interfaith Youth Core's website

Jeff Burns, Peace Catalyst's Northeast Regional Director, met with Eboo Patel in March and is now featured on the IFYC website. Check out his Bio and story Walking with Muslims, and when you're done, make sure to check out the rest of the website and find out what this organization is all about!

Tim Keller Calls for Civility and Humility

    Click to watch the interview with Tim Keller on

Peace Catalyst's Michael Ly Featured in Seattle Newspaper

Seattle, home to Peace Catalyst’s northwest regional office, is now becoming a center for innovative Christian-Muslim peacemaking efforts, organized and led by PCI’s own Michael Ly. Recently featured in the city’s Christian Examiner, the word is out on Ly’s ventures of reconciliation in the city.