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How a Revolutionary Prayer Can Make You a World Changer

When I was a young leader one of my favorite sayings was, “There are three kinds of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.”

Muslim-Christian Dinner Club: You Can Do It, Too!!!

In our metro area, we wanted to create a partnership between a mosque and a church around one simple idea: getting people together who have reason to remain isolated from one another.

Real Friendship with Real People with Whom We Have Real Differences

At the Apex Mosque/Fellowship of Christ Dinner Club in Raleigh, we gather monthly for a potluck meal, lots of laughter, and occasional serious talk about real issues. Here's how you can do this in your city.

Through Windows and Around Tables

In April, I had the pleasure of visiting the Embassy of Finland as a representative of Peace Catalyst to discuss the Marrakesh Declaration with religious leaders and others. Muslim and Christian leaders, and others, were here to fight—for human flourishing. Below are four reflections from this unique experience.

Live Interview on Turkish TV

Rick Love was recently interviewed on Turkish television, and we'd like to share the conversation with you. These Muslims are eager for peace between Muslims and Christians and are more than willing to help.

Learning and Speaking of Peace in Istanbul

This quote by Martin Luther King Jr. captures the purpose of my recent trip to Istanbul, Turkey. I joined religious peacebuilders from around the world for a three-day conference to rigorously evaluate the effectiveness of our peacebuilding efforts. It was fun being with a group of peace warriors who ask hard questions and seek to upgrade and learn from one another.

10 What-ifs for Peacemakers

I’ve begun a “What if” list. It’s a bit in the John Lennon motif when he penned the lyrics to his popular song, Imagine.

Looking Like Jesus: Proof Texts and Actions

I recently took my Syrian imam friend to a Christian college to speak. He was a guest lecturer in "Cross Cultural Communications" classes, a "Theology of Missions" class and "Church Planting" class.

At the Crossroads

For the first three weeks in April, my wife Laura and I had the privilege of leading a team of 10 people to Mafraq, Jordan, a small city located 9 miles from the Syrian border. Mafraq literally means “crossroads” in Arabic, appropriately named...

3 Ways to Overcome Fear of the Other

    by Rick Love What pops into the mind of the average American if you ask him or he...