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Lumen Video: Carl Medearis

We've been posting videos of Peace Catalyst staff speaking at a recent event called Lumen, and today we'd like to post one last video. A friend of ours, Carl Medearis, also spoke at this event, and we thought you would enjoy hearing his story. Carl is an American who used to live in Lebanon, and in this video, he speaks to Christians about his friendships with Muslims leaders in Iraq and the conversations he's had with them about Jesus.

Left Behind: Dispensationalism and Following Jesus

It seems as if I receive weekly emails from my evangelical friends and Bible Study classmates that lament the role that Christianity currently plays in the American public square. For example, a number of my friends have made it a point to wish me, electronically, a “Merry CHRISTmas” – an obvious reference to their perception of the inability of Christians to be true to their religious faith during the Christmas season for fear of being “politically incorrect."