Lattes for Peace


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We all love our lattes and chai teas. Who doesn't? But what if they could do more than just warm our hands and give a temporary pick-me-up?

The “Lattes for Peace” Challenge is a simple way for people to make a big difference through a small and regular gift. Will you take up the Latte Challenge and give up nine lattes a month to invest in peace?


In the next 30 days, Peace Catalyst is looking for 30 people to begin donating $30 a month to our Waging Peace Fund.  


The Waging Peace Fund helps strengthen and expand our work.

Here’s an example of how you can make a difference by giving up a few lattes each month and giving to the Waging Peace Fund . . .

Younathan, a Pakistani Christian, made some new Pakistani Muslim friends during a Peace Feast in Louisville hosted by PCI’s Martin Brooks. Soon afterward, God moved on their hearts to respond to a tragedy in Pakistan.

A Pakistani Christian couple was assassinated because of their faith in Pakistan, leaving behind four children. Younathan’s new Muslim friends wanted to assist them, so they asked Younathan to help them set up a scholarship for the orphaned children.

Our peacemaking efforts often ricochet around the world. Because of this Peace Feast in Louisville, Christian-Muslim friendships were formed, injustice was acknowledged, and children were helped halfway across the world. Small efforts can affect enormous change.

What happened in Louisville is taking place in 9 other cities across the U.S. where PCI works. Your gift will help us expand to other cities through recruiting staff and volunteers, providing “how to” resources, and getting the word out.


Would you join 30 others by April 22nd in this Lattes for Peace Challenge with a $30 monthly contribution? (Of course, we’ll welcome whatever amount you can give.)


We also need your help to tell others about Peace Catalyst International. Invite others to participate in the Lattes for Peace Challenge or invite your friends to join us on Facebook.

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For a secure and easy way to donate, click here. As always, your gift is tax-deductible.