Walking with Refugees


We believe that forming relationships with people of other cultures grants us a wider worldview, a better ability to act as global citizens, and a greater understanding of how to love our neighbor and our God. Our faith and scriptures teach us to look out for the newcomer to our land. We recognize the inherent advantages that we in the Phoenix area gain by interacting with this community. Peace Catalyst has the great privelege of partnering with local refugee associations, particularly the Somali Bantu United Association of Greater Phoenix.

Peace Catalyst recruits volunteers, based on their individual skills and abilities, to effectively serve the refugee communities of Phoenix. We are therefore developing a comprehensive refugee program that will allow us to partner with, learn from, and serve the refugee communities of our city.

Peace Catalyst currently offers a variety of classes at the Somali Bantu United Association of Greater Phoenix, including a citizenship class, a variety of multi-level English classes, as well as basketball and soccer clubs on the weekends.


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