Is it Possible to Have Peace between Christians and Muslims?

June 24

I spent three of the most intense and exciting days of my life making peace in a city in Central Java, Indonesia called Purwokerto....Keep Reading

A Day in the Life of a Peacemaker in Indonesia

June 17

In May I visited Indonesia -- the largest Muslim country in the world. Indonesia is a democracy which has had a female President in the past, Megawati Sukarno. So the typical stereo types that most Muslims are Arabs; they can’t embrace democracy, and they oppress women is not true....Keep Reading

Featured Peacemaker: Eric Patterson

June 10

Conversations about peacemaking can tend to communicate the notion that all force is always wrong. However, peacemaker Eric Patterson believes that we can work for peace while also supporting the use of force by legitimate authorities under the right circumstances...Keep Reading

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