Shopping at Target and a Lesson in Peacemaking

March 22

Last week I went to an great place called the Global Mall. It’s like the Somali version of Target. Walking into the Mall it looks like it’s going to be one big store (like Target) but it’s not: It’s dozens of stores, set up like stalls in a market. There are gorgeous, ornate dresses lining the walls and hanging twelve feet up and middle-eastern style super-sectional couches with tassels on them. The cafe inside serves amazing tea, but in the mornings it’s filled with only women and in the evenings it’s filled with only men....Keep Reading

Peace Catalyst Connects with Somali Refugees in San Diego

March 9

Peace Catalyst works in cities and neighborhoods across the U.S. to promote understanding and peace between Christians and Muslims, and one of our most recent events was a Peace Feast in San Diego....Keep Reading

What You Can Do About ISIS: the Army of Terror and Error

February 21

Three things YOU can do right now to stop ISIS....Keep Reading

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