Learning and Speaking of Peace in Istanbul

June 29

This quote by Martin Luther King Jr. captures the purpose of my recent trip to Istanbul, Turkey. I joined religious peacebuilders from around the world for a three-day conference to rigorously evaluate the effectiveness of our peacebuilding efforts. It was fun being with a group of peace warriors who ask hard questions and seek to upgrade and learn from one another. ...Keep Reading

10 What-ifs for Peacemakers

June 15

I’ve begun a “What if” list. It’s a bit in the John Lennon motif when he penned the lyrics to his popular song, Imagine. ...Keep Reading

Looking Like Jesus: Proof Texts and Actions

June 8

I recently took my Syrian imam friend to a Christian college to speak. He was a guest lecturer in "Cross Cultural Communications" classes, a "Theology of Missions" class and "Church Planting" class. ...Keep Reading

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