The CIA & Torture: The War on Terror Became the War of Terror

Dec 12

I was happy when the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report came out this week and exposed the brutal and unfruitful interrogation tactics of the CIA. I understand the good intentions of the CIA , but torture is illegal, ineffective, and immoral....Keep Reading

Can Muslims and Christians Celebrate Thanksgiving Together? (The Answer in 7 Images)

Dec 10

Last month, in partnership with our church, Fellowship of Christ, Carrie and I and our Peace Catalyst crew hosted a Muslim-Christian Thanksgiving Gathering. More than 30 of our Muslim friends, representing several different area mosques, blessed us with their presence, and we had almost as many Christians from a number of different churches....Keep Reading

How Worried Should We Be About Terrorism?

Dec 5

Television and news media are filled with talk about terrorism, and fear is on the rise. But should we be as fearful of terrorism as we are? This report offers a new perspective on violent terrorism as well as on how effective military action really is in breaking up terrorist groups. ...Keep Reading

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