Blessed are the Peacemakers Movie: A Journey to Palestine

September 21

Photographer, visual peacemaker, and Peace Catalyst staff member, Andy Larsen has spent a good amount of time in the Holy Land and has collaborated with Emmy award-winning producer John Yeager to produce the movie Blessed Are The Peacemakers to document Andy's journey through the Holy Land and to tell the stories of real people living life there....Keep Reading

Offering an Alternative Narrative

September 14

When trying to understand the perceived “other,” it’s important to be cautious about single-story narratives (i.e. “just watch a 4-minute video on YouTube to know the truth”) and information from mass media and to instead get to know real people in real relationship. That’s why we do what we do....Keep Reading

Bearing the Burden of Hate - What Can You Do?

September 7

Creating a culture of widespread distrust and fear of an entire group is a technique that has been used preceding mass violence throughout history. As followers of Jesus, what are we to do?...Keep Reading

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